Downloading Hspell

Hspell's License

Hspell is copyright © 2000-2017, Nadav Har'El and Dan Kenigsberg.

It is released to the public licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3. Note that not only the programs in the distribution, but also the dictionary files and the generated word lists, are licensed under the GPL. There is no warranty of any kind for the contents of this distribution.

Source Distributions

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Operating systems and applications which include Hspell

Some Linux distributions already include Hspell as part of the official distribution, or as an add-on package. For these operating systems, it may be more convenient to install those packages, rather than installing from source code as above.

Some major applications include Hspell, or have an Hspell plugin. These allow Hebrew spellchecking on any operating system, without needing to install Hspell first.

  • OpenOffice Hebrew spell-checking extension.
    Note that in some distributions listed above (e.g., Fedora) installing the Hebrew dictionary in the system is enough for OpenOffice to find it, and there is no need to install this extension.
    There is also a special Hebrew Openoffice (Microsoft Windows Only) which among other things includes Hebrew spell-checking.
  • Firefox Hebrew spell-checking add-on.
  • Gmail and Google Docs, Google's online services, use Hspell's dictionary for Hebrew spell-checking. You don't have to install anything to enable it.

Binaries for other systems

Other links

The following are links to miscellaneous packages and applications written by other people, that are based on Hspell or include Hspell:

  • HSpell GUI - a graphical front end to Hspell, using the Gnome-2.0 graphics library.
  • Proxpeller - a Web-proxy for spell-checking Hebrew in Web-pages.
  • Java Wrapper for Hspell.
  • Hebstem - A Hebrew stemmer for search engines (Lucene, Xapian, etc.) based on libhspell.
  • Hebmorph - improving Hebrew search in search engines.