Hspell 1.0 announcement

The original announcement

Hallelujah! Hspell 1.0 is released.

We are proud to present a new version of Hspell, the free Hebrew spell-checker.

As usual, you can find the new release in the project's homepage, at:

In this release, as many as 1,500 missing base words were added, bringing Hspell one step closer to full coverage of the modern Hebrew language. Note that one of these 1,500 is none other than the word Hallelujah.

Not only people who use Hspell directly will benefit from this release. Recently, more and more applications have been adopting Hspell for Hebrew spell checking. Their users use Hspell - often without even knowing it. Aspell, OpenOffice, Mozilla, and recently even Google's GMail, all use Hspell's word list for their Hebrew spell checking. Soon, users of these and other applications will also be able to enjoy the improved vocabulary of Hspell 1.0.

The designation "1.0" does not mean that we think that Hspell is complete. We do, however, think that at this point we can confidently say that Hspell is mature, with a vocabulary large enough to satisfy most users. In fact, Hspell's vocabulary is comparable in size (22589 base words) to some of the printed Hebrew dictionaries. Hspell's interfaces (pipe interface, C API, and word lists created for Aspell) have also proven themselves useful over the last several releases, even if they still leave a lot of room for future improvement.

We hope that you find Hspell as useful as we have had fun writing it,

Nadav and Dan.

Lag BaOmer, 5766