Hspell 1.0 announcement

The original announcement

After eight Hspell releases with interesting announcements or release dates, we've unfortunately run out of wacky ideas. So this announcement will be totally boring and informative.

We are proud to announce version 0.9 of Hspell, the free Hebrew spell-checker.

As usual, you can find the new release in the project's homepage, at:

As Hspell is nearing its official "1.0" release, its coverage (vocabulary) is becoming more and more complete. In this release, about 2,500 base words were added - more than were added in any one of the previous releases.

While working on this release we also continued our effort to to bring Hspell-based Hebrew spell-checking to common multi-lingual spell-checkers. Hspell's dictionaries (full word list and valid prefix information) were exported to formats used by other spell-checking frameworks. Such Hspell- based Hebrew dictionaries are now available on the official sites of Aspell, Mozilla and OpenOffice (see our website for links, and the WHATSNEW file for build instructions).

Other notable improvements in this release:

We also fixed many other bugs. Check out http://ivrix.org.il/bugzilla/ for more details.

Come to think of it, this announcement was interesting after all - it was Hspell's first totally boring announcement with a totally insignificant date!