Hspell 0.8 announcement
"Longest Day"

The original announcement

A long time has passed since the last release of Hspell,
    (half a year, exactly)
and we have all gone a great distance since then.
    (roughly 3.14 Astronomical Units around the sun, actually)

Today's being the longest day of the year, gave us plenty of daylight time to prepare the new Hspell release.

So without further ado,
we are proud to present Hspell 0.8!

As usual, the new release is available in the Hspell project's homepage,


This release includes the following improvements (see the WHATSNEW file for more details):

Release 0.8 recognizes a vocabulary of 425,709 words, based on 8935 nouns, 2181 adjectives, 5192 verb stems, and 2289 other words.