Hspell 0.6 announcement
"The Revolution"

The original announcement

   You say you want a revolution,
       We all want to change the world.
   You tell me that it's evolution,
       We all want to change the world!

   You say you've got a real solution,
       We'd all love to see the plan.
   You ask me for a contribution,
       We are doing what we can.

   Don't you know it's gonna be Alright?

After a three months of unrest, the Hspell 0.6 revolution has begun!

The two revolutionaries Nadav Har'El and Dan Kenigsberg created a website describing the New Word Order:


Vive la revolution!

Still wondering what Hspell 0.6 is all about?

In this release, the Hspell front-end (the hspell program) was rewritten. The new front-end has many improvements over the old one, but also a few setbacks - features that are (temporarily) unavailable because they weren't yet ported to the new version.

The improvements:

The setbacks:

Some other changes:

Vocabulary: 394,833 words (when including kinuyim on verbs) based on 7462 nouns, 1533 adjectives, 5060 verb stems, and 1819 other words