Hspell 0.5 announcement
"Gulliver's Travel"

The original announcement

Date: Wed, 7 May 2003
From: Lemuel Gulliver
Subject: Announce: Hspell 0.5

Yesterday, I was hiking in the Haifa area, enjoying Israel's fifty-fifth independence day. All of the sudden, in a field not far from the Technion, two horses came up close to me, looking with great earnestness upon my face and hands. The gray steed rubbed my red hat all round with his right fore-hoof, and discomposed it so much, that I was forced to adjust it better, by taking it off, and settling it again; whereat both he and his companion (who was a brown bay) appeared to be much surprised, the latter felt the laptop on my coat, and finding it to hang loose about me, they both looked with new signs of wonder.

Upon the whole, the behaviour of these animals was so orderly and rational, so acute and judicious, that I at last concluded, they must needs be Programmers, who had been magically metamorphosed. Upon the strength of this reasoning, I ventured to address them. The two creatures stood silent while I spoke, seeming to listen with great attention; and when I had ended, they neighed frequently towards each other, as if they were engaged in serious conversation.

I could frequently distinguish the word "Hspell 0.5", which was repeated by each of them several times; and although it was impossible for me to conjecture what it meant; yet while the two Horses were busy in conversation, I endeavoured to practice this word upon my tongue; and as soon as they were silent, I boldly pronounced "Hspell 0.5" in a loud voice, imitating, at the same time, as near as I could, the neighing of a horse; at which they were both visibly surprized, and the Gray repeated the same word twice, as if he meant to teach me the right accent, wherein I spoke after him as well as I could, and found myself perceivably to improve every time, though very far from any degree of perfection. Then the Bay tried me with a second phrase, much harder to be pronounced; but reducing it to the English orthography, may be spelt thus:


I did not succeed in this so well as the former, but after two or three farther trials, I had better fortune; and they both appeared amazed at my capacity.

After a long period of making an ass (or rather, a horse) of my self, the two horses managed to explain to me what this "Hspell 0.5" was. They told me that it had:

And said that a more detailed WHATSNEW file can be found on the site.

Lemuel Gulliver,
Explorer, Englishman, and Yahoo.             lemuel_gul@yahoo.co.uk