Hspell 0.3 announcement
"Groundhog Day"

The original announcement

Earlier today, in the small town of Punxsutawney, PA, a cute little groundhog woke up and got out of its hole. The first thing it saw was the URL:


In which it knew it could find a new release of the free Hebrew spell-checker, Hspell - release 0.3.

The second thing it saw was its own shadow, which means, according to legend, that we will not have another Hspell release for another six weeks. Well, more-or-less six weeks... It's just a woodchuck after all, and not one of the Hspell developers!

Here's what it found in the new release:

They say "mishnichnas adar marbim besimcha". We didn't have too many reasons to be happy in the last few days, but I do hope that at least some of you will enjoy a fresh Hspell in the beginning of the new month. At least a little. And if you don't, or find bugs, blame the groundhog (or better yet, tell us.)

Nadav Har'El                        |        Sunday, Feb 2 2003, 1 Adar I 5763