Hspell 0.2 announcement
"Haifa Linux Club"

The original announcement

Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 02:13:53 +0200
Hebrew-Date: 2 Shevat 5763
From: Nadav Har'El
Subject: Announcement: Hspell release 0.2

A few weeks have passed and we are proud to release version 0.2 of Hspell,
the free Hebrew speller. We invested a lot of time and effort to enlarge
the vocabulary of the speller, and improve its usability.

The Hspell project's homepage is

By no coincidence, a day after this version is released, Dan will give a short
lecture about Hspell in the esteemed premises of the Haifa Linux Club
(http://www.haifux.org/). You are welcome to test this freshly-baked version,
and discuss it with him.

This release includes the following improvements:
 * Many more nouns, verbs, and other words: around 2500 new base words, and
   40,000 inflections. Emphasis has been given to adding *common* words that
   will appear in typical, modern, documents.
 * Several incorrect words purged or fixed.
 * Wolig.pl (noun inflector) overhaul to better and more consistently handle
   niqqud-less (ktiv male) spelling rules, and to be able to theoretically
   handle at least 99.9% of the Hebrew nouns (of course, we don't have all of
   them in the dictionary, yet :)).
 * -n option to hspell program, which gives longer (human-written) explanations
   on certain spelling errors - especially common niqqud-less spelling errors.
 * Read additional accepted words from ~/.hspell_words and/or ./hspell_words
 * Kinuim Khavurim (possesive suffixes) are recognized on the infinitive forms
   of the verb.
 * Added manual page, hspell(1)
 * Improved Makefile (thanks to Oron Peled) and made other changes to the
   distribution (thanks to Baruch Even) for more easily building binary
   packages of hspell.

 * Vocabulary: 169,266 words
               based on 4505 nouns, 645 adjectives, 3407 verb stems, and
               1237 other words