Hspell 0.1 announcement
"Friday the Thirteenth"

The original announcement

Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 19:22:11 +0200
Hebrew-Date: 9 Tevet 5763
From: Nadav Har'El
Subject: Announcement: free Hebrew Spell-Checker

We are proud to announce version 0.1 of Hspell, the free Hebrew spellchecker
and morphology engine.

We have worked very hard to bring you a fully working Hebrew spellchecker
on the first release. It is not a toy release, and on typical documents it
should recognize the majority of correct words. However, users of this release
must take into account that it still will not recognize *all* the correct
words; The dictionary is still admittedly not complete, and this situation
will be improved in the next releases. On the other hand, barring bugs
hspell should not recognize incorrect words - extreme attention has been
given to the correctness and consistency of the dictionary.

You can get Hspell from:

Hspell was written by Nadav Har'El and Dan Kenigsberg.
Thanks to Uwe Brauer and Michael Lugassy for "convincing" us to start and
to advance this project when we were almost ready to give up.

People who wish to integrate Hspell's technology into their or others' GPL
software (e.g., word processors, editors), are encouraged to do so, and are
welcome to contact us for help. People who wish to help us with enlarging
the word lists, are also encouraged to contact us and will be appreciated
(see the full README for instructions on how you can help).

The full README (http://www.ivrix.org.il/projects/spell-checker/README)
explains Hspell's spelling standard (niqqud-less), a bit about the technology
behind Hspell, how to use the "hspell" program, and lists a few future


Nadav Har'El           |        Friday, Dec 13 2002, 9 Tevet 5763