Hspell Release Announcements

Traditionally, announcements of new Hspell releases have been more than just a dry list of new features. We tried to spice up the announcement by making it read like a joke, a variation on a well-known speech, or something else our artistic (twisted?) mind thought of before the release.

These announcements were all sent to two relevant mailing lists, ivrix-discuss and linux-il, and you can also find here the collection of them all. Since many of these announcements were intended to be witty, and some are parodies on other (suposedly) famous texts, this site includes a short "references" section for these announcements, pointing to the original parodied text. This reference section was absent from the original announcements, because, frankly, explaining a joke is quite silly ;)

We hope that you will enjoy reading these announcements as much as we have enjoyed writing them!